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Certified Wrap Artist
Specializing in Exotic Cars, Trucks, Boats, Yachts,
RVs, ATVs, Office Walls, Murals, Storefronts

What is a wrap?

William Miller installing a boat wrap

The Simplest Explanation

It’s taking a great big piece of vinyl (that’s sticky on one side) and “wrapping” it around an object like a car, truck, boat, bic lighter, cell phone or whatever. It's like a great big "sticker", So the bigger the object, the bigger the piece of vinyl.  Always remember the first rule of wrap …  THE STICKY SIDE GOES DOWN!

Second rule … Don’t rush!  Take your time and do it right!  We often take a little longer and we may charge a bit more, but it’s because we always strive for immaculate, picture-perfect results. 

Rule number 3 … Pay attention to the details. It's what separates our work from everybody else!  Mom raised us to  "ALWAYS DO THE BEST JOB YOU CAN DO!"

2008 VW Touareg Wrapped in 3M Gloss Fiery Orange

Reasons to Wrap

"COLOR CHANGE” Wraps can give you a new found reason to love your car, truck or boat. You can customize it to your taste and make it truly one of a kind. Wrapping also helps protect your investment without damaging the value of your vehicle.  Especially with exotic and higher end vehicles… Once you paint it, the value plummets! 

PRINTED/COMMERCIAL” Wraps are the perfect way to advertise your business  inexpensively (usually just a couple dollars per day over the life of the vehicle) and unlike most forms of advertising it’s a one-time cost.

A wrapped vehicle is like having an employee that never sleeps or takes a break, always on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week telling people about your business.

Are Wraps Really Expensive?

Price is mostly dictated by the Quality of materials used and the caliber of the installation. Traditionally… if it sounds cheap, there is most like a reason for it. Either the vinyl is of an inferior quality or the installer is less experienced.  If you’re OK with that, that’s fine… It’s just not the way we do things around here.  We only use the TOP TIER of the TOP RATED Brands in the industry…
3M / Avery / HEXIS.

One of the main reasons to use NAME BRAND vinyl is when you go to take your wrap off…. The good stuff doesn’t leave much glue behind. Don’t find out the hard way when your car is covered in glue or even worse… missing paint.

Whether you use us or not, INSIST on these brand names  3M / Avery / HEXIS.

Our installer is CERTIFIED and he has years of experience wrapping all sorts of things… from exotic cars and company vehicles to super yachts and tractor trailers. He’s even got his hands on wrapping an amusement park ride.

We’ve done countless Yeti cups, hard hats, baby helmets, appliances, Game Consoles, RVs, ATVs, Office Walls, Storefronts, children’s bedroom wall murals and more.

INKS are also an important part of the equation. Inks dictate how fast a print will fade over time in the sun. Why would you skimp on that? Other companies buy off brand, bulk ink from third parties... That’s like buying a kick ass sound system and CHEAP SPEAKERS… makes no sense to me… You Can’t Fix Stupid!

We only use brand name ROLAND inks!

So we may not be the cheapest guy in town, but we don’t wanna be!
It's true... You get what you pay for.

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